New Release: Wallis Bird – Life Is Long

Wallis Bird. Berlin 2019 © Jens Oellermann Fotografie. To be used for free with a photo credit "Foto: Jens Oellermann"

Wallis Bird has released ‘Life Is Long’, her fourth single taken from the upcoming album Woman, released September 27th.

‘Life Is Long’ is an anthemic recollection of a family weekend in West Ireland which encompasses a vital carpe diem mind-set – “Life is long / But the time is short.” In ‘Life Is Long’, Wallis has captured a significant moment in time, and offers it as a gift to her parents. A weekend of laughing, eating and good company sees Wallis sentimental about her parents; noting how fortunate she is to have the relationship they have. The song even begins with a recording of her parents from that very trip.

Take a listen below…

Wallis is not one to shy away from expressing her feelings, and she believes that actions speak louder than words. A lot has inspired her since her last album; “The world has changed a lot, and I’ve changed with it. The #MeToo movement, Repeal the 8th, marriage equality in Australia, Black Lives Matter, Trump, Brexit, the rise of racism, the death of countless musical icons, the environmental crisis.”

Woman – written and almost exclusively performed by Bird, with regular associate Marcus Wüst as co-producer – represents Bird’s transparent attempt to speak out against injustice and counteract apathy through bold, blunt confessionals. “Like most artists, I’ve probably shirked my responsibilities at times so as not to rock any boats,” she reveals. “But I decided it was time to change that.” Her goal now is to animate and agitate, and Woman – eleven songs long but 37 minutes short, pointed, powerful, and packed with truths and levity – does just that. More significantly, it insists that our lives are intertwined with inescapable consequences.

Live dates as follows…


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