New Release & Video: Ward Thomas – Lie Like Me

Twin sisters Ward Thomas today release the official music video for Lie Like Me, the lead single from their new album Restless Minds, out October 5th

Take a watch here…

Lie Like Me is a biting indictment of lives faked online, accompanied by a deceptively sweet, flirtatiously upbeat musical track. The video emulates the song’s attack on “fake reality” on and offline, with the video highlighting contrasting versions of the girls from natural simplicity to styled swagger and the overhanging question of what is “real” and what is “fake”

Lyrically the twins have tackled issues close to their hearts, including pertinent observations on social media, the women’s movement, what ‘the truth’ means in 2018 and mental health. “We couldn’t help but address social media and the subconscious competition it creates,” says Lizzy. “There’s a fake reality that everyone our age is falling for right now. Scroll down, see my page, look at my perfect life!”


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