New Release & Tour: Stick In The Wheel – Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

East London five-piece band Stick In The Wheel released their second album Follow Them True in January. They have now announced a new UK tour beginning in October and shared the video for standout album track Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

Take a watch below…

Speaking of the track and video Kearey says: ‘For us it encapsulates the full-on weirdness of English traditional music. Scratch the surface and there’s a whole load of crazy shit going on. This tune’s from c.1700 but the dance goes back at least to the 11th century and is still performed every year. The video is a combination of Lagomorphosis’s stop motion filmmaking with some archival footage of ordinary people practicing the dance some years ago. Let’s turn the stone over. Let’s get at the grit. Let’s focus on English stuff because it is dark and surprising, it’s unashamedly odd and has a personality all its own. It’s uncomfortable, forces us to confront ourselves, unlike so much other music it’s not escapism. It embraces the good and bad of who we are. I’d say this is the most complete statement about us embracing and valuing our traditional culture’

The songs within Follow Them True examine rituals and cycles, our inherent power to change ourselves and the world around us, the past repeating itself, ghosts and death, land and place, thieves and beggars. It continues to question the notion of what folk music is, and what it means in 2018. The new album expands the radical sound of their debut to include electronic and found sounds, using a broader sonic palette to create a greater depth full of layers and meaning, yet at the same time remaining totally connected with the tradition

Upcoming dates are as follows…

6 Oct – London @ The Garage
7 Oct – Nottingham @ Bodega
14 Oct – Bristol @ Thekla
19 Oct – Glasgow @ Broadcast
10 Nov – Cambridge @ Junction
11 Nov – Southampton @ Talking Heads
17 Nov – Cardigan @ Theatr Mwldan
24 Nov – Manchester @ Night & Day


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