New Release & Video: thea wang – I Wrote You Letters

thea wang has revealed the new video for the song ‘I Wrote You Letters’, from her debut album While He Is Still Asleep.

A track that opens solemnly with a lone piano accompanying thea’s melancholic voice, the reflective video follows thea on laundromat trips and bike rides, waiting patiently and passing the time to match the slower intense pace of the music. A personal place to thea, given that it is just outside where she lives, ‘I Wrote You Letters’ is one of the most intimate moments from her debut album, with a constantly tender feel that showcases the beautiful heights that thea’s sound can reach.

Speaking of the video, thea said: “I wanted the waiting element in the song to be highlighted, and also really had a dream of and thought of the laundry place outside my apartment – that I took the promo pictures in – to come to life. It was a thought I had from the day I took the pictures. And I’m so happy we actually made it happen. It was a hectic and fun day, and we went around a lot of places to try and find an apartment to film outside, and since we were filming on 8mm and were working against the clock.”

“The two people featured in it are Becky and Eddie, two lovely Americans waiting on vacation for their laundry. We started talking and as I really wanted someone to feature in the video – I asked them to join – and they said yes. They were so sweet and looked exactly as I wanted. So thank you to Becky and Eddie. It was a fun and intense day.”