New Release & Video: Sweet Baboo – Pink Rainbow

Having just released his new album Wild Imagination on Moshi Moshi, today Sweet Baboo has shared the video for new single Pink Rainbow; a frisky, folky hit of funk-pop psychedelia – lovely stuff

Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo) says of the video, “The second installment in James Hankins three part odyssey. I like to think of the video as our take on Bittersweet Symphony, except I jump on a bin at one point, something Richard Ashcroft never managed to achieved in his 27 year career it should be noted”

Take a look below!…

Stephen has also shared his thoughts on the track, stating, “I love everything about it; it’s so over the top. From the backing vocals to the title to Paul’s ostentatious keyboard solo. The lyrics are ridiculous too. My son’s favourite song at the time was Rainbow Connection by the Kermit the Frog. His favourite colour was pink. I thought that was a good start as any for a song. The world can be a pretty dreary place so you may as well step out onto a pink rainbow…Credit must be given to [Lancaster garage-pop spouses] The Lovely Eggs’s son Arlo, who pretty much wrote the lyrics to the second verse after explaining a documentary about the Flying Scotsman to me”



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