New Release & Video: Suzanne Vallie – Love Lives Where Rules Die / Ocean Cliff Drive

Songwriter and poet Suzanne Vallie has announced details of her debut record Love Lives Where Rules Die, due July 3rd.

Vallie steps out of her Big Sur home into the wider world with an alt-folk record inspired by sympathy, high romance & the supernatural. Sitting somewhere between the driving americana of pre-synth Sharon Van Etten and the euphoric country of Karen O’s ‘Where The Wild Thing Are’ soundtrack, Love Lives Where Rules Die is a breakup album brought to life by an 11 strong band of Californian collaborates.

Take a listen to new track ‘Ocean Cliff Drive’, via the accompanying video, below…

A note from Suzanne Vallie on ‘Ocean Cliff Drive’….

The day I was stung by a stingray was one of my favorites.

‘For the most part, so much went right. The photographer and filmmaker, Magdalena Wosinksa, was directing the video. This made me giddy because I admire her to the moon. What is more, she liked my concept, which was roughly Chris Issak’s “Wicked Game” but with dogs.

It can’t be easy chasing me and two dogs all over the sand. The director of photography, Łukasz Dziedzic, was such a champ. He even crawled in to the hatch of my 94’ Honda Civic. Red Dog was breathing on his lens. I don’t know how he did it. Dziedzic has an artist’s eye and yogi’s knotwork.

The sting ray got me at the end of the shoot. We had used up most of a beautiful afternoon, one of those California beach days where the light is white gold. We only needed a few more shots. Icing on the cake really. So I was doing my best, prancing in about a foot of water. Then I felt a shock.

At first I thought I stepped on glass. Then an odd pain started to build in my heal. It felt like my foot was on fire and black with frostbite at the same time. Blood gushed out. I hobbled up the beach. Wosinska had to help me get off my wet jeans, no easy thing.

I ended up spending the rest of the evening in the corner of Wosinska’s kitchen. I sat in a chair, still with no pants, only my long winter coat, my foot in a stock pot of hot water. Akira, the husky in the video, kept close to me like a true friend. At one point the kitchen was full of pro-skaters and their buds making tacos. They were kind enough to share their dinner and some very helpful whiskey. I eventually was able to limp out of the kitchen, going to bed happy as a clam, or a dog at the beach. It was a good day.’


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