New Release & Video: Sophie Jamieson – Concrete

Sophie Jamieson has previewed her forthcoming EP with new single ‘Concrete’. Out December 1st, Release reflects on a period of intense loneliness, spiralling and self-destruction.

‘Concrete’ is perhaps its central statement. It is a neurotic imagining of her final tired, peaceful moments crawling along her local roundabout. In a strange turn of events, Jamieson actually ended up getting knocked off her bike in that exact place shortly after.

“When I was hit, I felt this intense relief as I flew through the air – the relief of being allowed to feel pain, having permission to cry, and a reason to be taken care of…It had a pretty serendipitous connection to the song I had already written, which is a song that fantasises about getting close to the ground – and being allowed to give up” explains Jamieson.

While ‘Concrete’ is a lean into oblivion, it does end on a hopeful note; Jamieson’s voice of reason cutting through to sound out her destructive inner-voice once and for all.

Along with the rest of the EP, ‘Concrete’ is produced by Steph Marziano (Ex:Re, Hayley Williams, Denai Moore, Lazy Day).

It’s an EP that cements Jamieson’s transition from the folk of her early days to the burgeoning, stirring electronica which she now exudes. It’s a brave switch in direction that proves Jamieson has returned to us, sure of who she is and what she wants to say.


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