New Release & Video: Siv Jakobsen – Most Of The Time

Photo Credit: Jørgen Nordby

Norwegian singer-songwriter Siv Jakobsen has made her long-awaited return with her most vulnerable song to date, ‘Most Of The Time’. It’s a song about wanting, but being unable to forget. Siv has also announced a trio of intimate shows including a date at London’s The Slaughtered Lamb.

This is Jakobsen’s first new material since the release of her LP A Temporary Soothing in 2020. Written pre the pandemic, it was an album about isolation, anxiety and stress that took on new meaning and came to unexpectedly mirror our new way of life as our worlds grew smaller.

It was a conscious effort to reconnect with her past that saw Siv visit a city she used to live in many years ago; a visit that would result in the birth of her new single. Jakobsen’s music has always been vulnerable, but ‘Most Of The Time’ is a new level of candour for Siv as she explains: “I knew that in going there it might awaken some difficult memories, but I was completely taken aback by how intensely I felt pulled back into who I was and how I felt all those years ago. I realised I had some unpacking to do, so that I could begin to properly come to terms with and understand those memories.”

“Most of the Time’ is about not being able to forget a particularly difficult relationship from my past. When left undealt with, the memories seemed to heighten in my sleep, in my subconscious, day and night, almost as if I was being haunted. It’s about how our past affects our future, how it can affect our personalities morphing into someone slightly different. Being back in this place again after such a long time was a much greater shock to my system than I would have ever thought it could be, and it forced me to unbox a lot of things I thought I had safely stored away in the back corners of my mind. In the end, it’s about reminding myself that I am feeling better now, most of the time.”

With more music to come and tour plans starting to be made, 2022 is set to be a year where Jakobsen returns to her past life.

Tour dates…

26th September – Brussels, Witlof Bar
27th September – Utrecht, Tivolivredenburg – Cloud 9
29th September – London, The Slaughtered Lamb