New Release & Video: Rufus Wainwright – Trouble In Paradise

Rufus Wainwright made waves in the industry last week when he debuted his latest single “Trouble in Paradise”. Today, Rufus shares his music video for the track, in which he morphs into a new personality, inspired by Anna Wintour, the legendary mainstay Editor-in-Chief of Vogue.

The video makes for a clever visual, beautifully set in black and white, as the creator behind the music evolves from the fashion icon into another version of himself, offering a commentary on the many faces that we put up in order to deal with and manipulate reality…

Drum beats herald a romp through the inner mind of a bob-haired fashion doyenne on her drive from the town to the country. She reflects on the true price of glamour, and weighs its spiritual costs while eyeing her future legacy, and eternity. The music, a nod to solid pop rock production of previous classic LA era’s motors the listener on with both a sense of sophistication and an animalistic instinct.

“Trouble In Paradise” is about the fashion world but also applies to the state of the planet. According to Rufus, it has “a sense of sophistication and an animalistic instinct.” He adds: “After the opera world and natural aging, I can now sing at the full power of my abilities, and this record really shows that off.”

That precocious debut was recorded in LA as has his forthcoming, eagerly anticipated new album. “As soon as I got to LA I realised I wanted to make another of those good, old-fashioned records,” Rufus says.

Meeting producer Mitchell Froom cemented the idea and the two set about creating what promises to be a highlight in a career full of them.


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