New Release & Video: Roo Panes – Sketches Of Summer

Roo Panes has just released the video for his latest single Sketches Of Summer, the fourth Tack to be taken from his third album, Quiet Man

Take a look below…

New single Sketches Of Summer is perhaps the album’s gentlest and most beautiful example of the long-player’s overall enveloping feeling of warmth and happiness. It is also the most sonically representative of Roo’s state of mind when writing Quiet Man, a record he describes as coming from “a place of stillness, peace and contentment”

He also describes the new single as “a summary of a particular window of summer. I wanted it to stay pretty vague and impressionist in style so I could capture the feeling of ‘sketches’ and conjure the nostalgia. I’d always had the texture of the single note piano and the muted guitar in my mind, and was eager to try that palette and create a world with minimal touch, a lot of it is thin single lines and not meaty chords”



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