New Release & Video Premiere: Lucas Laufen – I Know Where Silence Lives

Lucas Laufen releases the title track from his upcoming album, I Know Where Silence Lives, out December 6th. Through delicate acoustic melodies and Laufen’s earnest cooing, “I Know Where Silence Lives” explores the vulnerable moments found through stillness.

This song was initially sparked while Laufen stood in a bird-watching tower on the border between the Netherlands and Germany. While on tour, someone offered to drive him to the tower in the morning to see the ocean.

“It was the first time I’d seen the sea in months and I remember thinking, ‘this is where silence lives’. The wind was super strong so it wasn’t actually silent but I felt at home with the salt spray and no one around. So it’s silence relating to peace as opposed to real acoustic silence.”

Take a listen and a watch of the video, which we are delighted to be premiering, below…

What starts out as a minimal showcase for Laufen’s visceral and sincere storytelling grows into a dynamic sonic landscape. Intentional breaks throughout the single create an undeniable tension, marking one of the greateststrengths of the singer-songwriter. Laufen shares intimate details of evolving perspectives, particularly related to loved ones.

“When I was growing up, my father would always wake up at 5:30 am to find a quiet place before the rest of the world woke up. I’d see him wandering down the beach by himself and I never really understood what he was doing. While writing this song I finally understood the reason for this and feel that I’ve grown to seek these moments out like my father did.

The song spans a one-year writing process, which isstrange for me. I usually find it hard to hold onto an emotion for this long and a song will lose its meaning if it’s drawn out for this amount of time. It was my way of looking through his life and trying to understand him. I found that we are very similar people and hold this thought as an anchor when I’m trying to figure out when I’m going with my life.”

Dennis Schischke, the director of the beautifully cinematic video shares his idea behind the story that follows a young woman through familiar scenes: “’I Know Where Silence Lives’ tells a story of a young woman who decides to leave the toxic city to find her own silence in the countryside of Norway. We purposefully begin the video with a greyish look and feel, the actress, Leona Grundig, is obviously sick of traffic and noise, the colours of her clothes are nondescript and she looks like she’s in the wrong place. Her mood lifts the closer she gets to her destination, the colours of her clothing changes and the colour grading is more saturated. Within the video there are three portraits of her, the last one shows the end of her journey and her reaction to finally finding her own silence.”

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