New Release & Video Premiere: Bird In The Belly – Verses On Daniel Good

Ahead of the release of their brand new record The Crowing, due March 23rd, Bird In The Belly have unveiled the video for the new single Verses On Daniel Good – and we’re delighted to bring you the premiere of these visuals, created by band member Ëpha Roe

Take a look below…

Talking about the track, they state: “Verses on Daniel Good tells the real life story of Jane Jones and her lover, and killer, Daniel Good. The story dates back to 1842. Daniel and Jane had an affair, which abruptly ended when Daniel found out Jane had become pregnant with his child. He murdered her in a fit of rage, and tried to dispose of her body, by cutting it up and burning it. The body was accidentally discovered by a police officer who came looking for Daniel at his home, in connection to a robbery of some trousers. When the officer arrived, he saw the corpse remains, and Daniel fled the scene. Nine police divisions followed separate leads, resulting in Daniel’s arrest (and execution) 10 days after the murder. It was a landmark case, because it became the start of detective divisions in the Met. Officers who worked on this case were England’s first detectives”

Whilst all the songs on Bird In The Belly’s forthcoming debut album share a similar thread – being old forgotten British stories re-imagined as modern folk songs – the band’s latest offering Versus on Daniel Good stands-out for chilling reasons

Whilst predecessors Horace In Brighton and Give Me Back My Heart Again were based on forms of 18th-century fiction, Verses On Daniel Good tells the real-life story of the murder of Jane Jones by her lover Daniel Good. The story, dating back to 1842, has all the markings of a dark English folk song, an affair gone wrong, an unwanted child, a very grizzly murder and an execution. It’s the first single from Bird in the Belly where alt-folk artist Jinnwoo has taken the lead with vocals and his distinctive voice weaved with the gentle tones of Laura Ward of Hickory Signals brings to life the song’s haunting tale, whilst the multi-instrumental crescendos offer a dramatic flair befitting of the dark subject matter

Bird In The Belly are formed of aforementioned alt-folk artist Jinnwoo and traditional folk duo Hickory Signals, plus multi-Instrumentalist and producer Tom Pryor and visual artist and musician Ëpha Roe. Indicative of the band’s debut album The Crowing from which it is taken, Versus On Daniel Good is a raw and visceral folk song that sounds both contemporary and ancient simultaneously, with a 60’s folk revival sound courtesy of being mastered by legendary folk label Fellside Records

Upcoming live dates include…

22 March – Lantern Society, London
8 July – The Sail Lot Folk Club, Essex
1 September – Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham
18-21 October – Manchester Folk Festival





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