New Release & Video: Matthew E. White – Nested

Photo Credit: Cameron Lewis

Matthew E. White has released the taut and vibrant new single “Nested” from his forthcoming solo album K Bay, due out on September 10th via Domino.

Out now alongside a video directed by Shawn Brackbill that features footage of K Bay’s recording process, the song’s music and lyrics radiate with happiness and ecstatic love. “‘Nested’ is one of the most personal songs I’ve written, a song about whatever the opposite of coming-of-age is,” says White. “It was recorded after two intense, transformative days of rehearsal, in one magic take that showcases the distilled, in-the-moment, sledgehammer power of the band.”

K Bay – White’s first solo LP in six years and second release of 2021 following a collaboration with Lonnie Holley – is the astounding record he has forever aspired to make. A bold reclamation of independence and identity, K Bay establishes White as one of his era’s most imaginative artists. These 11 pieces are retro-futurist magic tricks that feel instantly classic and contemporary, the product of a musical mind that has internalized the lessons of his idols and used them to build a brilliant world of his own.

More than love, romance, or self-reliance, this is the animating ideal of K Bay – that we can forever strive for something better, no matter how flawed or blessed we have already been. A decade ago, Matthew E. White made a classic beauty no one expected; on K Bay, he has made a masterpiece by harnessing what he’s learned from that community and life itself in entirely unexpected, electrifying, and reaffirming ways.


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