New Release & Video: LUMP – Late To The Flight

Photo Credit: Mathew Parri & Esteban Diacono

Following the unveiling of their new single Late To The Flight, LUMP – aka Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay – have now released an accompanying video, the second creation by the motion graphics designer Esteban Diacono

Take a look below!

In addition, the duo also visited the might Jools Holland on ‘Later…’ this week, performing the wonderful track Curse Of The Contemporary…

LUMP is the collaborative project from Laura Marling, the Grammy-nominated, BRIT award-winning singer-songwriter, and Mike Lindsay, the founding member of Tunng and Throws, and a prolific, Mercury prize-winning producer

Late To The Flight is the opening track from the upcoming album, LUMP. It introduces an atmospheric transcendent soundscape bookending the thematic content of the album. On the track, Marling evocatively explores the notion of lucid dreaming and the hyper reality of being trapped within a public persona – “Paint dots on your wrists to see me in your dreams” is a technique used to expose a lucid dream

LUMP was born of good timing and predestined compatibility. It began one night in mid-June 2016, when Lindsay was introduced to Marling after her show supporting Neil Young in London. On meeting, Lindsay and Marling discovered they had long been admirers of each other’s work

Lindsay had been busy for some months composing an intricate, ambitious new sound cycle. His compositional style had evolved over the course of years of musical experimentation withTunng, and during his time spent producing other people’s records while living in Iceland. He had arrived at a remarkably visual, colourful sound – a heady blend of wonked-out guitars, Moog synths and pattering drums, set against droning, coiling clouds of flutes and voices. With the project in need of a lyricist and vocalist, Lindsay and Marling’s meeting of minds seemed all the more fortuitous. He quickly invited her to step into his world, and a few days later they retreated to his subterranean London studio to unite their energies and create LUMP

That world turned out to be somewhere Marling felt instinctively at home. Inspired by early-20th-century Surrealism and the absurdist poetry of Edward Lear and Ivor Cutler, she wanted to explore the lengths we go to escape our own meaninglessness. The composers are keen to stress that LUMP is a creation that passed through them, and they look upon it parentally. It is their understanding that, now it has come into being, LUMP is the artist, and it will continue to create itself from here on. Lindsay and Marling will assist it as necessary

Following their mesmeric recent live debut at a secret show in east London, Marling and Lindsay will be touring LUMP this Summer. The tour includes appearances at Rough Trade East in London, Festival Of Voice, Latitude as well as two intimate shows in one night at venues in Hebden Bridge and Manchester and four intimate shows over two nights at Oslo in Hackney, London, on June 5th and 6th…

June 1 – London, Rough Trade East Instore
June 2 – Hebden Bridge, The Trades Club (6.30pm show)
June 2 – Hebden Bridge, The Trades Club (9pm show)
June 3 – Manchester, Band In The Wall (7.15pm show)
June 3 – Manchester, Band In The Wall (9.30pm show)
June 5 – London, Oslo (7pm show)
June 5 – London, Oslo (9.30pm show)
June 6 – London, Oslo (7pm show)
June 6 – London, Oslo (9.30pm show)
June 8 – Cardiff, Festival Of Voice – Donald Gordon Theatre
June 9 – Bristol, Rough Trade instore (2.00pm show)
July 13 – Latitude Festival, Henham Park


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