New Release & Video: Luke Sital-Singh – Skin Of A Fool

Luke Sital-Singh has today released the New Haze EP, which sees the LA-based British musician collaborate with four of his songwriting friends.

The EP includes the new single ‘Skin Of A Fool’, co-written with celebrated singer-songwriter John Smith. A gently epic track with a characteristically poignant vocal from Sital-Singh, the accompanying video features a lonely jester wandering through a deserted cityscape. Shot in Berlin by director Steve Glashier before the current Coronavirus outbreak, the promo feels hauntingly prophetic.

Watch below…

“This video was meant as a fun interpretation and expression of the song title, but watching it again, given recent events, I think the isolated and deserted atmosphere has a whole new meaning,” comments Sital-Singh.

“I’m excited to get Skin Of A Fool out finally. I wrote it a while ago with my good friend and fellow songwriter, John Smith. It was initially recorded for my last album but didn’t quite fit for me, which was disappointing because I love it so much. So glad it’s coming out and will have its own moment.”

The other co-writes on the EP are with Steve Aeillo (Lana Del Ray, Mumford & Sons, Thirty Seconds To Mars), Ciaran Lavery, and Matt Hales (Aqualung). Opening track ‘Almost Home’ was written with Aeillo “We made this during the first ever session I did after moving out to LA last year,” explains Sital-Singh. “I was opening my world to a whole new set of collaborators in a whole new place, whilst always questioning what it means to be at home.”

‘My Sweet Side’ saw Sital-Singh team up with 2016 Northern Ireland Music Prize winner Ciaran Lavery. “Writing My Sweet Side was a unique process for me,” he says. “I basically had the entire song written but with no lyrics and I just couldn’t get them right after many attempts. Eventually I thought to send the song to Ciaran to see if he could help, we had toured together and I love the lyrics he writes. He fired back a set of ideas and that was that.”

The EP signs off with the subtly optimistic track ‘Undefeated’, co-written with Matt Hales. “I often get bewildered looking back at my life and thinking how fast it speeds by whilst at the same time how slow it crawls on,” comments Sital-Singh. “It’s confusing to say the least and my collaborator, Matt Hales, had a great idea to put the verse into a non-standard time signature which accented the time confusion. Clever chap. Whenever I’m at my lowest I let all these existential fears about time drag me down, so this a nice reminder that I’m, so far, undefeated.”


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