New Release & Video: Luke Sital-Singh – A Golden State / Los Angeles

Luke Sital-Singh has announced details of his third album A Golden State and released new single Los Angeles, along with its accompanying video

Los Angeles is the third single from the record, which is out on April 5th

The track is a song as warm and hazy as an LA morning, and writing it helped in Luke’s decision to relocate from Bristol to the city with his wife, illustrator Hannah Cousins. “Hannah’s wanted to move to LA for years but I’m not much of an adventurer, I’m a worrier and a pessimist,” he says. “But I do need something new. And writing the song crystallized my enthusiasm for moving there. It’s probably the most honest and open song on the album. There’s no metaphor or characters. It’s me and Hannah, let’s move to America, I’m scared, you’re not scared, so stay close, ’cause I’m gonna freak out along the way”

Take a watch of the video, below…

The song’s video was filmed in Los Angeles and Weston-super-Mare, and directed by Chris ‘MUG5’ Maguire. “I had a choice to keep Weston-super-Mare as my local beach or change it to Malibu, California,” says Luke. “Tricky one! They could have flown me to LA for the video shoot, but I’m not Duran Duran. So I got the train to Weston and filmed my bits there”

Recorded in Portland’s Jackpot Studios, famously set up by Elliott Smith and where alumni include R.E.M., Stephen Malkmus, and The Decemberists, A Golden State was produced by Tommy McLaughlin (Villagers, Soak), who also produced Luke’s last album Time Is A Riddle

Luke and Tommy headed to Portland in August 2018, and were joined in the studio by a small group of musicians. Whereas the last album was largely recorded live, ‘A Golden State’ was the opposite. “We wanted it to be big and warming,” says Luke. “So we used vintage ribbon mics, which give this really smoky, husky sound. The vocal was the most important thing, I wanted it to feel like it was jumping out the speaker”


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