New Release & Video: Liz Lawrence – USP

‘USP’ is the new single from Liz Lawrence. The track is a soaring, lilting, bass-driven anthem that stands tall as a bold ode to courage and speaks to those individuals striving for a sense of self in these anxiety- riddled times.

It offers up empowerment for women/anyone struggling with self-confidence and those unsure of who they are and where they fit in the world. It’s about taking control of your own lives, own mind, own body and running with it. “They say you can’t, but you can” repeats the mantra towards the end of the song, while the chorus and main message of the song implores, “You got to work ’till the body works for you, your innocence is your USP”.

In the video, directed by Lily Rose Thomas, Liz is seen close-up and personal wandering around, lost in a suburban void that spins her into moments of panic. Flitting between strolling nonchalantly about the place to experiencing the paranoid feeling that you’re being watched or followed. The feeling of trying to runaway is poignant.

Watch the video for ‘USP’ below…

“I was reflecting a bit on my own experience as a young female artist,” Liz explains. She had been spotted as a singer when she was a teenager. “At the time, I wasn’t comfortable in my body or in my sexuality, or gender, and I remember my old managers putting a bet on whether they could get me in a mini-skirt and knee-high boots for a photoshoot.” They won the bet. “There was such a lack of control. I want to be free to imagine a future where other women and other girls don’t have to feel that way.”

Such defiance runs through the bones of Pity Party, Lawrence’s new record out October 25th. For the first time in her career Liz decided she was going to produce the album herself so set about learning the ropes from scratch. An intense learning curve in the studio and solitary writing trip to Cornwall lead to Pity Party – an album with Liz’s stamp all over it.

Pity Party is a robust pop record, as wildly celebratory as it is panicked, it takes a magnifying glass to that idea that nobody is anywhere near okay. Through a combination of personal experience and exploring what is happening around her, Lawrence has written, recorded and produced an unvarnished yet defiant snapshot of her world right now. “I think almost every generation is scared that their generation is going to be the last one,” she says, “but it’s quite hard to deny that it feels as if we’re hurtling towards disaster.”

Liz Lawrence recently announced her album show for London at SET on October 29th.


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