New Release & Video: Lianne La Havas – Weird Fishes

Lianne La Havas recently released a highlight of the forthcoming album, her cover of Radiohead’s ‘Weird Fishes’. She is now sharing the accompanying visual: a beautifully recorded live session, filmed at 123 in Peckham as lockdown eased a little in London a couple of weeks ago.

Take a watch below…

The recording of ‘Weird Fishes’ began in earnest by accident: returning from a glorious, sunny Glastonbury festival performance one summer. La Havas and her core band decided to see if they could nail their lithe live version of Radiohead’s song from their album ‘In Rainbows’ in the studio. It was this experience that led to the formation of the new album.

“I had the most wonderful, nourishing experience recording that,” she says, “And that’s where I decided: the rest of the album needs to be like this. It’s got to be my band, and I’ve got to do it in London, whenever people have time.” Lianne further explains – “This song is very close to my heart, and in the story of the record the lyrics express perfectly where I was at. At the same time, it felt very appropriate to use it as a kind of test song to record with my live band, to see if we’d work as well in the studio as we do onstage – I’d always wanted to play live in the studio like in the 70s. Everything felt right that day. I knew in June: This is my direction, this is my album, this is my story.

“Thom Yorke’s lyrics suggest finding a way out, and he’s used the imagery of the bottom of the sea and the unusual creatures that you might find there. For me, the deep means the unknown, when you get out of something so familiar. It can be scary, but he also says, ‘I hit the bottom and escape’.”

Lianne re-entered our musical consciousness at the end of February with her stirring soul-gem ‘Bittersweet’ and has since released the moving ‘Paper Thin’ and her latest single, co-written and produced by Mura Masa, ‘Can’t Fight’.

Originally due to play a show at The Roundhouse venue in London prior to lockdown, Lianne has chosen to stick to this venue for her album gig and will play a one-off solo live show on July 15th. The set will include new songs from her new album as well as favourites from her first two records, 2012’s Is Your Love Big Enough? and 2015’s Blood.

This special, multi camera, one-off performance will be broadcast via YouTube and time-zoned to specific regions across the world. Tickets are available HERE.

Lianne La Havas the album is out later this week on July 17th.


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