New Release & Video: Lianne La Havas – Can’t Fight

Photo Credit: Hollie Fernando

Lianne re-entered our musical consciousness at the end of February with her emotionally stirring ‘Bittersweet’ and has since released the moving ‘Paper Thin’ and her new single ‘Can’t Fight’.

Having recently shared her exquisite version of Radiohead’s ‘Weird Fishes’ last week, alongside details of her exclusive live gig at the Roundhouse on July 15th, Lianne has now shared the video for ‘Can’t Fight’…

In the video, the director Kevin Morosky, perfectly captures the very essence of who Lianne La Havas is in 2020 on the precipice of releasing her third and most honest album to date. Devised alongside Lianne, it is an open and free documentation of her cultural roots, influences, memories of love & loss and her daily passions that takes you on a visual journey through South London to reveal the real Lianne.

Co-written and produced by Mura Masa – ‘Can’t Fight’ is a beautifully crafted ode to the push-pull of a relationship that is struggling to find its natural equilibrium. The truth that you need to break free from it but the love and belief that you can make it work keeps pulling you back in. This complex subject matter is at odds with the upbeat and optimistic sound of the record – the buoyant guitar line and rhythmic syllables intertwine with a rhythmic backing track that invokes a sense of classic soulful joy throughout.

Originally due to play a show at The Roundhouse venue in London prior to lockdown, Lianne has chosen to stick to this venue for her album gig and will play a one-off solo live show on July 15th. The set will include new songs from her new album as well as favourites from her first two records, 2012’s Is Your Love Big Enough? and 2015’s Blood.

This special, multi camera, one-off performance will be broadcast via YouTube and time-zoned to specific regions across the world. Tickets are available HERE.

Lianne La Havas the album is out on July 17th.


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