New Release & Video: Karima Walker – Waking The Dreaming Body

Photo Credit: Holly Hall

Tucson, Arizona artist Karima Walker has released the third single and title track from her forthcoming album Waking the Dreaming Body, the follow-up to her 2017 album Hands In Our Names.

The ‘Waking the Dreaming Body’ single release is accompanied by an intimate live video of the song. The live performance video (shot and directed by Walker), simply and directly showcases her skills as a guitarist, singer and songwriter; a stark contrast to the psychedelic visuals and detailed sound design of Waking the Dreaming Body’s previous two singles and videos…

Karima Walker explains: “This was the last song I wrote for the record. It became the song that was able to bridge, with a certain kind of peace, a space that I had been in for a long time. It moved from a stuck-and-in-between place to the place I was physically in, which was beautiful and singular. I was outside and camping and I think you know the feeling I’m talking about. All the uncertainty and fear spilled out into something very present and joyful.”

The new album Waking the Dreaming Body was written, performed and engineered entirely by Walker, a 40-minute dream-narrative of her conscious and subconscious minds that oscillates between the rich textures of her ambient compositions and the melody and poetry of her melancholic songwriting. As night repeatedly falls across the record – this ebb and flow recalls the liminal states of half-sleep. Recorded in her Tucson, Arizona home Waking the Dreaming Body’s uncanny sound design also evokes the delicacy, grandeur and terrifying enormity of the American Southwest.