New Release & Video: Karima Francis – Orange Rose

Photo Credit: Julia Ksiazek

Karima Francis has shared a new track and official video titled “Orange Rose.” The song boldly explores mental health’s effect on romantic relationships.

She says, “In a world where we sometimes feel we can’t speak out, we tend to take it the worst out on people closest to us.” Throughout her lyrics, she treats the see-saw exchange of emotional stability between partners with vivid care. The cinematic video echoes intensity, following Karima’s frantic dash between a rock and a hard place. “The video follows a concept of self-destructive behavior, a constant running away from our fears which, potentially, ends in us running away from the people who can make us whole again,” Karima says.

“Orange Rose,” penned in Venice Beach, California, is the first of Karima’s upcoming material recorded with Tim Carr (Tim Carr, The Americans, Fell Runner). The collaboration was one of invigorating revelation. “I was fantasising about making more organic, saturated sounding records for a long time,” Karima says. With an increasing connection to sounds emerging from the U.S. West Coast, she committed with fervent certainty to relocate — from the shore of the Irish Sea to the expansive horizon of the Pacific — selling prized guitars to do so. Upon arrival, Carr offered Karima kindred spirit and a masterful knack for the exact transient texture she sought.

Karima Francis crafts a haunting form of indie folk-pop with gutsy roars and gritty force. Her remarkable vocal range, raw holler and ambient allure recall eclectic legends ranging from Adele to Jeff Buckley, invoking an ethereal darkness like that of her English seaside hometown, Blackpool.


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