New Release & Video: Julian Taylor – The Ridge

Julian Taylor releases new album The Ridge this June 19th 2020. The award-winning singer-songwriter decided to present his new record sooner than its Fall scheduled release date in the hope that his songs may bring joy to listeners in troubled times – “I hope people can find solace in this music, it’s meant to draw you in and really touch your heart.”

Lead single and title track ‘The Ridge’ opens the album straight into a core of Taylor’s songwriting, guiding us through childhood memories of his grandparents Maple Ridge farm. “Words are very important to me, and I’ve worked really hard on my lyrics here as this entire album is about my family”.

Composed of eight deeply intimate songs, The Ridge was co-produced by Taylor and longtime collaborator Saam Hashemi, mixed by Hashemi, mastered by Noah Mintz; and recorded at the studio of alt-country stalwarts Blue Rodeo, The Woodshed.

Embracing Taylor’s signature cinematic approach to storytelling; The Ridge taps into the vein of shared experience by way of a personal stories with striking effect, creating an aurul result of a songwriter clearly embracing his prime. The raw and honest nature throughout enables listeners a myriad of personally relatable entry points into his enlightening narrative tales.

Each song on The Ridge represents an acoustic-driven mixture of styles that reflects Taylor’s range as a creative force building on the templates forged during his tenure fronting collective Staggered Crossing as well as the funk and R&B driven foundation Julian Taylor Band.

Taylor’s inherently cinematic approach to his storytelling has a lot to do with his heritage and upbringing – “It’s an interesting thing to be part Mohawk and part West Indian, because I’ve always had this feeling that I never fit in anywhere,” he admits. “As a mixed person, it’s like, oh,
where do you go, and how do you connect with people? That’s all I’ve been trying to do, and my life experience as a person who is mixed helps me do that. These stories are all coming from a person who tries to fit in, but doesn’t quite fit in. That’s really what my work has always been about — that longing to be a part of something.”


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