New Release & Video: Juanita Stein – Snapshot

Striding out of Howling Bells’ long shadow, Juanita Stein emerges from the rolling plains of America and Until The Light Fades, clinging to the tracks of her tears on album three, Snapshot, set for release on 2nd October.

Juanita has now shared the video for the album’s title track – recorded using an iPhone and a homemade green screen during the lockdown…

“It feels fundamental to understanding the devastation and eerie silence thrust upon us after his sudden death,” begins the Brighton-based, Australian songwriter Juanita Stein, discussing the moment of great sadness that inspired her new record. “It was a daunting task to sum up the life of one man such as my father. He was endlessly inspiring, charming, deeply talented and passionately spiritual. He admirably, and at times frustratingly, carried the torch for his own musical career until the very end.”

It’s within this processing of a life well-lived and attempting to wrestle with the tides of her own grief, that what would become the album began to ebb and flow out of Stein, who first became known for her work as singer and guitarist in Howling Bells. “After I felt I had enough songs,” Juanita explains, “I was moved to reach out to producer Ben Hillier, who I’d been a fan of since hearing records he made with Clinic, Elbow ad Doves to see if he might be interested in making this album with me.”

Unlike her first two solo albums, America (2017) and Until The Lights Fade (2018), which were made in just a few weeks and both at studios in the US, Snapshot was recorded over the course of eight months at Agricultural Audio, not far from Juanita’s home.

As she says, “This allowed me the time and distance I so craved. Ben was deeply concerned with allowing the songs to breathe and to take the right shape. We laid down all the defining guitar parts and vocals which were then beds for the band to come in and lay their parts on.”


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