New Release & Video: Jenny O. – What About That Day

“What About That Day” is the third single from Jenny O.’s upcoming album New Truth, out June 19th on Mama Bird Recording Co. The track is a kaleidoscopic reverie that both treasures and diminishes the few idyllic moments of a flawed relationship.

The video was shot on Kodak Super 8 by Sam Gezari. Its ethereal blue-green hues turn a simple day trip to Malibu into a melancholic and cathartic daydream. Jenny describes the song as capturing “an obviously bad partnership that has been riding on the fumes of one or two magical days, tops. The romance is done, but that one day kept us grasping at something that could have been and wasn’t.”

Jenny O. previously shared the unintentionally topical “I Don’t Want to Live Alone Anymore”. The spacious single was accompanied by a decidedly less spacious DIY-in-quarantine music video. Jenny’s process, from hand making merch to self-portraits and routinely self-produced music videos, found her uniquely prepared to craft a beautiful video entirely at home. Directed, shot and edited by Jenny, “I Don’t Want to Live Alone Anymore” takes us through a warm, sunlit and ultimately restless journey for connection.

Speaking to the song and the timing of its release, Jenny says; “I never would have thought this song would come out while the world was in isolation, but I guess this is its time. The only time I ever lived truly alone, I felt nuts. I am amused by obsessive rearranging and celebration of my things.”

The album was announced alongside the vibrant psychedelic grunge-pop song “God Knows Why”. The track begins with Jenny recounting the terrifying experience of suddenly going deaf in her right ear. “I’m in mono now forever, it was there and now it’s gone”, she sings before proclaiming, “and God knows why.” The refrain can be a moment of acceptance, resignation, or a pleading for some understanding; but in Jenny’s hands, it’s all of those things and none of them. It is the existential thread that leads to a New Truth.

Over the past decade, Jenny O. has sung on recordings by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Father John Misty, Conor Oberst and Jonathan Wilson. She’s also toured with an even broader range of artists, including FJM, Rodriguez, Leon Russell, and most recently, Faye Webster. She was slated to tour with Vanessa Carlton throughout April and June, but those dates have been postponed.


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