New Release & Video: Hiss Golden Messenger – Hardlytown

Hiss Golden Messenger has released “Hardlytown,” a new song and video (directed by KidEthnic) from the new album Quietly Blowing It, out on June 25th.

“The times that we’re living through have made me think, in so many different ways large and small, about our obligations to one another,” says MC Taylor. “How much to give away? How much to keep for ourselves? How much is too much, and how much is not enough? Maybe the conversation that the mother and son have throughout ‘Hardlytown’ was my attempt to reckon with the tension that exists between selflessness and selfishness.”

He adds, “We all know some version of this conversation. We’re currently in the middle of it as a country and as a species. I have two children, and I’m trying to teach them about what it means to be, and the ways we all stand to benefit from being, good neighbors. It’s sort of a simple lesson in theory, but more complicated in practice. But then, I guess all good things are.”

Quietly Blowing It was written, arranged, and produced by Taylor and is the follow-up to 2019’s release Terms of Surrender, which received a 2021 Grammy Award nomination for Best Americana Album. Special guests and contributors on Quietly Blowing It include Griffin and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, Tony Award-winning artist Anaïs Mitchell, Zach Williams of The Lone Bellow, Nashville guitar great Buddy Miller, and producer/musician Josh Kaufman of Bonny Light Horseman.