New Release & Video: Greta Isaac – Like Me

Greta Isaac has released the self-directed video for her explosively charged new single ‘Like Me’. The song is the latest to be taken from her forthcoming new EP, Pessimist, due in May.

“The song is an on the nose, desperate plea for the need to be wanted and seen, and how it can sometimes feel like this is the core reason behind everything I do.” says Greta. Filmed inside a house, the video makes an interesting comment on lockdown, and the sense of feeling trapped in oneself, or a particular place. Full of shots that are continually moving and flipping in orientation, there’s a very dizzying nature to the video; which sees Greta performing a choreographed dance alone in her Alice in Wonderland-esque surroundings.

“I wanted to set the scene in a house that doesn’t seem to have an up or down or means of exit. I wanted the space to feel very familiar too – somewhere that, in a way to find comfort in my inability to leave, for fear of being judged, I’d transformed into a sort of playground – Locked in the safety of the world I’d constructed for myself where I was never challenged or threatened.” Explains Greta. “My intention was always for the house to feel like a character in and of itself, one that almost felt alive. We managed to create this illusion with a combination of very specific movement and shots.”

Greta’s sister, Elan Isaac, choreographed the dance featured in the video. She said: “I wanted the movement to be playful, feral and childlike but to also have a cool and sensual air to it. I looked to Bob Fosse’s iconic style and meshed it with gestural movement – I like taking everyday, natural actions and stretching it out so it becomes a bit distorted and stylised. It was also so fun to have the backdrop of the house to play around with – I wanted Greta’s movement at the end to look like she was having a wild party by herself but actually the house was very much alive and at the same party.”

Greta’s outfit in the video is designed by Suzie Welsh, further drawing on the idea of becoming fused with one’s surroundings; with upholstery fabric used to create the outfit, becoming quite literally part of the furniture. “The outfit’s design was very much a collaboration between Greta and I.” explains Suzie “Greta actually referenced an old project of mine in which I repurposed and mixed lingerie with random Poundland finds – which inspired this idea to build a look inspired by lingerie and corsetry, the textiles within the location, but with a deconstructed approach. Inspired by the tones and mood of the location, and Gret’s desire to feel part of the space in which she was trapped, I used upholstery fabric to make the top and skirt, and deconstructed an old corset and covered with Poundland leather scrap car cloths, then styled with some spandex pieces I’d dyed.”


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