New Release & Video: Foy Vance – Thank You For Asking

“Thank You For Asking” is a new release from Foy Vance, available today on Gingerbread Man Recordings. The track is accompanied by a video shot on the streets of Memphis last year by Vance’s creative partner Gregg Houston.

Vance initially wrote and demoed “Thank You For Asking” for his Americana album To Memphis, which came out last September. After a long day of recording at Memphis’s legendary Sun Studios, Vance and Houston filmed an impromptu video for the track on the city’s streets with Foy dressed as a character he calls ‘Gordon Zolah’. “Thank You For Asking” was then put on the shelf for a year, with Vance recently finishing the track in London.

“Thank You For Asking didn’t work on To Memphis, but I always loved the song and now feels like an appropriate time to put it out,” says Vance. “My fans will know that I believe in the ‘joy of nothing’, and I hope that the light-hearted nature of the track and video can bring them a little joy. Gordon Zolah had a lot of fun wandering around the iconic streets of Memphis and I think that shows.”

Last year Foy Vance released two companion albums last year, From Muscle Shoals and To Memphis, which pay homage to the Soul and Americana traditions that influence his song-writing. Vance’s 2016 studio album The Wild Swan was executively produced by Elton John, who Vance supported on his ‘Wonderful Crazy Tour’ that year.

Vance is currently working on new material.


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