New Release & Video: Eva Cassidy & The London Symphony Orchestra – Autumn Leaves

Eva Cassidy, the versatile, much-missed vocalist praised for her emotional range and interpretive skills, receives a unique reimagining as her poignant vocal performance of the classic song Autumn Leaves is paired with the backing of the London Symphony Orchestra

This inspired musical context was created by isolating Eva’s 1996 live vocal performance recorded at the Blues Alley Jazz Club in Washington, DC and combining it with a new orchestral arrangement by the team of four-time Emmy Award winner William Ross and Grammy winner Jochem van der Saag

View the official video below…

Ross and van der Saag initially fell in love with Cassidy’s music while working on a project with producer David Foster, which included one of Cassidy’s classic recordings. That experience moved them to record demos, on spec, of their orchestral reimagining of three Eva Cassidy recordings. The demos were then presented by Foster to Blix Street Records

Earlier this year, William Ross took the reins of London’s oldest symphony orchestra, at London’s historic Air Studios, to record three exquisite new Eva Cassidy and The London Symphony Orchestra recordings

“I can’t possibly find the words to adequately express my thoughts and feelings about Eva, one of the most unique, hypnotic and powerful singers of all time,” Ross explains. “Her voice resonates through my whole being. I don’t understand what she does to me…but I’m stunned by the experience. Those familiar with her have been changed forever. In Eva Cassidy with Orchestra, we present Eva in a ‘different’ musical context. We hope Eva’s fans…both old and new…will appreciate this way of hearing her and be, once again, under the magical ‘spell’ of her transcendent artistry and eternal soul”


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