New Release & Video: Esther Rose – Good Time

Photo Credit: Akasha Rabut

Strutting into frame at half-speed in a leather jacket and wind in her hair, Esther Rose physically embodies the breezy feeling of the song she’s singing in her new video for “Good Time.”

The third single from her recently-released How Many Times, “Good Time” is about, in Rose’s words, “embracing recklessness and laughing at myself while at the same time being damn scared because it felt like my life was blowing up all around me,” and throughout the video, there’s a little bit of all of that. Esther recalls, “We only had one day to shoot so timing was everything. We brought in some all-stars and old friends who helped us make it happen. This video was powered by homemade banana bread and the Santa Fe hometown network. Working with Consuelo was delightful and we realized we share the same approach to making things: we are both looking for the magic take.”

Director Consuelo Althouse adds, “There are two kinds of people: Those who shiver at the thought of breaking down on a long and lonely highway, and those who pop the trunk and pull out the guitar. Esther is the latter. It’s a good time for bad timing. My new anthem.”


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