New Release & Video: Emilie Kahn – Three

Photo Credit: Bao Ngho

Emilie Kahn has released a new music video for the song ‘Three’ from her new album Outro

Regarding the creative process Baz, the video director, shared the following: “A six minutes song with 3 distinct parts is a real challenge for a director. I really wanted to do something different and try to embrace each universe of the song fully – so many in terms of tones, style and rhythm”

“‘Three’ is a song about desire and the need for absolute clarity”, explains Emilie. “It’s the the oldest song on the record and also the one that evolved the most during the process, from an intimate acoustic piece to a three-part epic suite, it was the first track Warren [Spicer] and I felt really proud of”

Watch below….

Three years after releasing her first album 10 000, Kahn is no longer the same songwriter. Outro, produced in collaboration with Warren C. Spicer of Plants and Animals, shows a craftswoman come into her own. Outro is a pained look back at the past as Kahn pores over every misplaced feeling and bad call. Teeming with adulthood’s melancholy, Kahn offers indie pop crafted with a miniaturist hand toward intimacy, while still reaching for the grandiosity of the genre’s icons

Kahn has also announced a forthcoming London date, playing…

13th May – London, The Waiting Room


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