New Release & Video: Dustbowl Revival – Nobody Knows (Is It You)

The Los Angeles-based eclectic folk rock act Dustbowl Revival have produced a creative quarantine live performance video of a song entitled ‘Nobody Knows (Is It You)’, the original version of which is included on their recently released album, Is It You, Is It Me. The clip features the band members in their homes intercut with footage of dancing fans from around the globe.

Moments of humour and heart shine through on the cheeky ‘Nobody Knows (Is It You)’, with co-lead singer Liz Beebe stating: “It is important to us to still do what we do best which is try to connect with and uplift one another in hard times as well as have fun. This was a way we could do that and stay safe.” The video features clips submitted by fans of all ages throughout the USA and Europe, including some in dinosaur costumes, a family skipping with their dog, an excited shirtless man, former Dustbowl bassist James Klopfleisch with his wife Morgan and bird Wilma, and more. The video, edited by Waldemar Centeno, concludes with a message thanking health care workers and first responders….

Combining inspiration from the fun sounds of New Orleans music with the dancing footage of friends, family and fans, band founder and Beebe’s co-lead vocal partner Z. Lupetin adds, “recently I loved seeing friends with their kids and dogs and parents all dancing at home trying to stay positive and creative and I’m glad we convinced folks from across the country, and even a few in England, to send in videos of themselves grooving along. The tune has a beat grounded in our love of New Orleans brass band traditions, and when I was writing it I was also inspired by listening to Harry Belafonte’s collections of Caribbean folk songs.”

‘Nobody Knows (Is It You)’ was written by the members of Dustbowl Revival, comprising core members Z. Lupetin (lead vocals/guitar), Liz Beebe (lead vocals), Matt Rubin (trumpet/fluegelhorn/keys), Ulf Bjorlin (trombones), Josh Heffernan (drums/percussion) and former member Connor Vance (guitars/fiddle).

While the song was written by the group, the initial idea for it was formulated by Lupetin, who says that “the very idea of the song ‘Nobody Knows’ became fitting in this strange, scary time where we just want to figure out how to fix things quick – we don’t know who the expert we should trust is, and when it comes down it, we just don’t trust our leaders. The hero in the tune is a Zen goofball who accidentally becomes President and just wants people to be strong and steady as an oak tree in the sun, while he’s growing his own homemade wine in the country. In the end, we’re all just trying our best to get by and have to rely on each other to fix things.”

The new album by Dustbowl Revival, Is It You, Is It Me, finds the band expanding beyond the boundaries of their already genre-defying style that incorporates everything from folk to funk to New Orleans swing and so much in between. It is infused with subtle pop sensibilities that enhance their already infectious sound, which is a slight departure for the group but also marks a milestone in the continuous progression of their style.


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