New Release & Video: Daughter Of Swords – Shining Woman

Daughter of Swords, aka Mountain Man’s Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, has shared the video for “Shining Woman,” the latest from her upcoming album, Dawnbreaker

Of the song and video Sauser-Monnig says: “I wrote ‘Shining Woman’ at a moment when I was feeling really stuck and wrapped up in ideas about what being an adult woman looks like. The vision of this powerful person alone on a bike trip not asking permission from anyone appeared out of nowhere, and took up residence in my mind. Like my subconscious staging an intervention and reminding me that I haven’t died, there are no rules, and that I have the power to make different choices for myself”

Take a listen and a look below…

In 2017, Alexandra Sauser-Monnig began recording a set of songs about a breakup that had yet to happen. Her partnership had drifted into a comfortable state of indecision, stalling when it came time to make big life moves or chase new horizons. She had the sense that she needed to slip the relationship in order to pursue everything else life might have in store -more music, more adventures, a general sense of the unknown. Those feelings drifted steadily into a set of songs that lamented the inevitable loss but, more important, outlined the promise of the future. Recording the ten tracks that became her stunning solo debut, Dawnbreaker, under the new name Daughter of Swords gave Sauser-Monnig permission to go

Dawnbreaker began as the first phase of Sauser-Monnig’s return to music after stepping to the sidelines for the better part of a decade. Her college trio, Mountain Man, rose to quick acclaim for their peerless harmonies around 2010, but the friends slowly drifted apart, following their own interests to different coasts and concerns. While working on a flower farm as a farmhand, though, Sauser-Monnig realized that she missed the emotional articulation she found in writing songs and singing them and resolved to start again. She pieced together an album just as Mountain Man-now newly gathered in the fertile Piedmont of North Carolina-began to regroup for its second LP, 2018’s aptly named Magic Ship. Working with Sylvan Esso’s Nick Sanborn, Sauser-Monnig shaped what began as quiet reflections into confident compositions, crackling with country swagger and a sparkling pop warmth. They were, after all, preemptive odes to the next phase of life

Dawnbreaker will be released 28th June via Bella Union


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