New Release & Video: Daniel Knox – Fall Apart

Photo Credit: Patrick Burke

Daniel Knox recently announced that his fifth studio album Won’t You Take Me With You will be released 15th January via his own label, H.P. Johnson Presents.

Along with the announcement he shared lead single ‘Fool In The Heart’. Now he has followed up with new track ‘Fall Apart’ and it’s video which was animated by Mofoland…

Speaking of the track Knox says: “I wouldn’t mind anyone mistaking this for a love song but I really meant it for everyone. Sometimes I look at the cracks in things in a sentimental way, but other times I look around and think ‘what happened to this place’? That goes for my home, the city where I live, my body, and the entire world. Any place you reside you end up damaging somehow. There’s that part you’ve been meaning to fix for ages but it just gets away from you.”

“I’m an optimistic person but I think that true optimism comes with acceptance. You have to be able to set the table in the middle of a cyclone sometimes if you want to get on with things.”

Knox’s music has always been filled with wormholes and stories. Characters and places that exist on the fringes of imagination and reality populate his songs – seemingly unobserved. There’s always been a feeling in Knox’s music that these stories are connected, and on this new record it begins to become clear how.

“Every song on Won’t You Take Me With You has a trap door that leads to one or more other songs on the record,” says Knox, but if you look a little deeper, these trapdoors also dip in and out of the mythology that makes up his entire back catalogue. To put it in Daniel’s words, “I wanted the songs to stand apart but still hold hands. It was important to me that these songs all know each other, but not necessarily live in the same time and place.” As a result, the reality begins to reveal itself that these places and these stories only ever fed back to one man.


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