New Release & Video: Dan B. Patrick – Embers

Photo Credit: Rob Blackham

Dan B. Patrick will reveal his heartrending debut EP A Streak Of Light on 5th November. The release will be completed by new single ‘Embers’, which will also arrive with the first music video to come from the Irish/Welsh artist.

The EP was recorded at 123 Studios with producer Brett Shaw (Florence and the Machine, Foals, Lady Gaga) and engineer Rob Wilks (Lianne La Havas).

With its wistful piano and poignant strings supporting Dan’s deeply affecting vocals, new song ‘Embers’ carries a multilayered message – a testament to the depth of Dan B. Patrick’s songwriting. ‘Embers’ was written “at a time when I felt particularly panicked about the future” explains Dan, “I felt as though I was very far away from the goals I had set myself and that I was badly letting my younger self down. So the song was initially written as a letter of apology to my younger self (which in hindsight was absurdly melodramatic).”

It wasn’t until Dan had the idea for the music video, which was based on his grandparent’s relationship, that he suddenly had good cause to change the meaning behind the song. In tweaking its lyrics to fit the new story, he found that “the song immediately became more impactful in every sense.” A theme that is close to home for the singer-songwriter, Dan said “I tried to put every ounce of my being into the vocal takes when recording the song and hopefully, that comes across to the listener.”

The song and its accompanying video look at the struggles, and heartbreak, people often go through when a loved one has Alzheimer’s Disease. “I ran the video by some incredibly kind people that work at Alzheimer’s Society to ensure that it was as accurate as possible in representing what life is like for those living with the disease.” Said Dan. “It was also really important to highlight the humanity of those that live with the disease, as they can often be depicted as patients in popular culture rather than the wonderfully complex individuals that they are. My grandmother has dementia so I was able to draw from my experiences with her and I also read “Somebody I Used to Know” by Wendy Mitchell which is one of the most important books I’ve ever read. It is a serious lesson in human ingenuity and determination and that really helped with setting the tone of the video.”

Hailing from Ireland and Wales, Dan B. Patrick focuses on the most salient aspects of the human experience, covering love, loss, mortality and hope. Using his powerful voice as an effective tool for delivering his visceral lyricism, it’s important to Dan that his lyrics stand up as their own body of work, separate from the music. The importance and gift of his vocals is something Dan doesn’t take for granted, especially since completely losing his voice at the end of 2018. “I couldn’t say a word for 2 weeks. I had to go to a speech therapist and, when I was able, a singing teacher to learn how to speak and sing properly. It took about 5 months before I could sing live again. Though in the long run, it has massively helped me as I can now sing with proper technique.”

Dan will join Etaoin at her sold-out show at Servant Jazz Quarters, London on 18th November.


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