New Release & Video: Café Spice – Lauren

Cafè Spice are a trio who create heavenly and Autumnal harmonies reminiscent of the Mamas & Papas whilst also sitting with the effortlessly sublime indie-folk of contemporaries such as The Staves or HAIM

Consisting of Georgia Gage, Eleanor Lang and Niamh Feeney, Café Spice have spent time playing live around Manchester where they reside, further training their already impressive vocal prowess. Recently they made a trip to British Grove Studios, London to turn several live favourites into future singles. The first, Café Spice’s debut, comes in the form of the gorgeous single Lauren…

Verging on a cappella in style, Lauren was the first song written by the trio and it perfectly embodies Café Spice’s harmonies with a nod to their traditional English folk influences in its grace and serenity. Lyrically, Lauren is about the love between sisters and is named after Georgia’s little sister who she grew up singing with. It’s a song, the band explain, “of missing home, the songs and the people we grew up with”

Catch Café Spice live at Jimmy’s, Manchester on 6th February 2019, with more shows and music coming in the new year


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