New Release & Video: Café Spice – Bunnybird

Manchester’s Café Spice have unveiled a stunning new video for their latest single Bunnybird, animated by London artist, Rosa Beiroa

The clip was completely hand-drawn by Beiroa, whose work explores movement and gesture, and using the human body and elements from reality to interpret the workings of the subconscious mind

Take a watch and a listen to this beauty, below…

Talking about the track, Café Spice state: “Bunnybird is one of our oldest songs and speaks to anyone who has ever lost themselves. Bunnybird puts into paint and music the feeling that we are all just children in a big scary playground”

Café Spice are a trio who create heavenly and Autumnal harmonies reminiscent of the Mamas & Papas whilst also sitting with the effortlessly sublime indie-folk of contemporaries such as The Staves or HAIM. The new track follows their debut single ‘Lauren’, which we featured back in December 2018


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