New Release & Video: Blitzen Trapper – Joanna

Blitzen Trapper have unveiled a brand new track from their latest record Wild & Reckless, released earlier this month

Joanna, a more of an acoustic affair than other tracks on the new album, can be heard below…

Joanna, says Blitzen Trapper frontman and chief songwriter Eric Earley, is one of the darkest songs I’ve written. The sober acoustic number is relayed in the voice of the title character, who shoots and kills the man who sexually assaults her, a waste of space named Donny Dakota

The song raises questions and gets at the riddle of what justice really means,” Earley says. I wrote it some time ago but kept it from being released until this record, Wild and Reckless. It felt like the right time for it to see the light of day, a song that deals with sexual assault and gun violence, in many ways a fanciful tale since victims of assault rarely find justice against their attacker. In my 20s, my closest friend was a victim of this type of violence and her story filled me with such anger and confusion. This song is in ways me explaining to myself and dealing with that frustration that there is extreme darkness that exists in the world, that there are monsters, and often those monsters end up holding the power

The album Wild & Reckless was born from the stage production that the band spent the better part of a year producing. The half musical, half rock-opera dealt with heroin abuse, desperation, true love and western power structures. The story evoked a bygone era of Portland with this sci-fi love story, featuring a rock-and-roll score that paired unreleased songs with favourites from the band’s catalogue. Following the success of the production, the band took 7 original songs from the production and developed the theme further into the 12 songs that comprise the new album Wild & Reckless

Frontman Eric Earley also sees the record as a companion and extention of their 2008 album Furr…”Wild And Reckless is something like a cross-eyed stepchild to Furr, in that it chronicles the darker dystopian stories of rural and suburban west coast death-drive via a riffing psychedelic landscape. Ten years after Furr with all its talk of murder and the end of the western world, it seems there’s more to tell”


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