New Release & Video: Bedouine – One More Time

Photo Credit: Moises Galvan

Azniv Korkejian aka Bedouine has today shared the fourth track, ‘One More Time’, to be taken from her upcoming second album Bird Songs of a Killjoy which is out on 21 June

Take a listen…

Along with the song she has shared a trailer video for the new track which gives a behind the scenes look at the recording of the strings at Capitol Studios…

Speaking of the track Azniv says: “‘One More Time’ contemplates the difference between being with someone versus being alone; Whether a partnership should greatly change your life or allow you to continue carving independent paths. Khalil Gibran famously says lovers should be like two pillars holding up the same temple yet out from each other’s shadow. The song contemplates that in a cyclical relationship”

Bird Songs of a Killjoy continues her creative partnership with Gus Seyffert (Beck, Michael Kiwanuka) who she met when working as a sound engineer in LA. “It’s called Bird Songs of a Killjoy, and I’m the killjoy,” Azniv grins. She describes the sometime perception of herself as a curmudgeon and a depressive. “Dare I say – a difficult woman,” she continues, laughing. “I’m taking ownership of that stereotype, proudly. The music itself however, is the farthest from curmudgeonly or depressive as could be. It’s a soundtrack to Spring blossom, to warm air on skin, to the concept of possibility”

Bedouine will bring her full band to London for the first time for a performance at Queen Elizabeth Hall in September following a full US tour including dates with José González…

7 Sept – London @ Queen Elizabeth Hall


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