New Release & Video: Beans On Toast ft. Frank Turner – The Village Disco

As Beans On Toast prepares to get Knee Deep In Nostalgia with his latest album, he now casts us back in time to the heady days of “The Village Disco”. With a little help from Frank Turner.

Touching on first dances, first loves, and finding yourself in those formative first years; it’s a song that sees Beans laying out some of his earliest memories and acknowledging their place in life’s rich tapestry. Laden with hammond organs and whistle solos, it’s a vintage-tinted tune shot straight from another era.

With Beans turning 40 this year, the threat of a mid-life crisis would never be far behind. Thankfully the video for “The Village Disco” sees him driving right through it… Classic car – check. White suits – check. Shades – check. Taking a roadtrip with one of his oldest buddies in tow, Beans is joined in the video by Frank as the pair take a carefree cruise around the south coast.

Much more than just a passenger though, Turner’s influence can be felt right through Beans on Toast’s upcoming album: Knee Deep In Nostalgia, with Frank producing the entire record.

One of two albums to be released by Beans on Toast this winter, Knee Deep In Nostalgia will be accompanied by The Unforeseeable Future, available on 1st December 2020. While they may be released the same day, the two new records are deliberately intended to look in different directions. Past vs. Present. Dreamy escapism vs. a gritty reality check. Normal vs. New Normal.

Knee Deep In Nostalgia is an album packed with positivity, warm feelings and memories of good-times. Rest assured, it has absolutely nothing to do with the worldwide pandemic. Alongside Frank Turner’s playing and production, additional special guests on the record include: Matt Hensley (Flogging Molly), Matt Nasir (Sleeping Souls), Guise and Anna Jenkins (The Red Clay Halo) who give it a full band sound.

It’s partner, The Unforeseeable Future was recorded solo by Beans at home during lockdown. It comprises a succession of pinpoint social commentaries all inspired by the “sh**show that has been the year 2020”, says Beans. Featuring just Beans with an acoustic guitar or piano, the album compiles songs that will be familiar to fans who followed Beans’ prolific single release series during lockdown, plus introduces a number of new additions recorded since.


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