New Release & Video: Anna Byrne – Tantalus

Anna Byrne has announced the release of her new album Tantalus, which will be available on 30th November. This follows her debut album I Will Need A Microphone in 2018, and last year’s EP The Second Time.

Tantalus tells the story of a doomed relationship, taking in themes of falling in love, vulnerability and addiction, ultimately looking ahead to a hopeful future. It was made in just two days in rural Devon – each song performed and filmed in a single take – in an impromptu recording session: “I’d gone down to this barn in the middle of nowhere to finish writing a musical I’m working on. But then we had all these mics, and these cameras, and I had nine songs kind of ready to go… so we made an album instead.”

The album’s title refers to the mythological figure who was punished by Zeus to spend eternity thirsty and hungry, standing in a pool of water and just out of reach of a fruit tree.

In advance of its release, we can exclusively share the title track and its accompanying live video:

Tantalus will be available on Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud with video accompaniments to every song on YouTube.


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