New Release & Video: Alela Diane – Moves Us Blind

Alela Diane has shared the beautiful video for her forthcoming single Moves Us Blind, directed by Carissa Gallo

Moves Us Blind is to be released as a single on 4th May and is taken from Alela’s critically acclaimed album Cusp

Take a look below…

Cusp was written wholly and unapologetically about motherhood, with Alela wanting to challenge an industry which values the sex-appeal of female artists over their experiences. As Alela expands “There’s a lack of spaces for women to move into that aren’t based on appearance. Those are conversations I’m interested in having.” The weekend that Cusp was mixed in Los Angeles, Alela went into labor early causing severe complications with Alela almost dying during childbirth, with her daughter literally being born on the cusp of life and death. The experience adds weight to an album exploring the complexities and responsibilities of motherhood. As Alela explains “I hope that by exploring motherhood in song, I can help demand respect for the life givers we are. Talking and singing about the experience of motherhood is not something I can shy away from. It is the essence of who we are as human beings. This album is my version of women’s work”

The whole of Cusp was written in January 2016 in a small cabin deep in the snowy woods in Caldera, Oregan where Alela resided during a three-week artist residency. As is often a theme within Alela’s music, her surrounding environment – alongside Alela’s desire to explore the subject of motherhood – was an influence for new single Moves Us Blind. As Alela explains “While I was at Caldera it snowed and snowed and snowed. I’d sit by a huge wall of windows overlooking a stream and watch it fall. I thought of how my life had shifted, and how I’d suddenly been thrown into an entirely different chapter since my daughter was born. Time moves strangely and leaves me dumbstruck sometimes. It’s endlessly fascinating to me”


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