New Release: Twain – Noon / The Priestess

Photo Credit: Wyndham Garnett

Twain, aka Matthew Davidson (Big Thief, The Low Anthem), has announced details of his new record, Noon. He describes the project as “a modern folk-opera of indefinite length consisting of songs and images from my life, a self-caricature of the musician and writer Matthew Davidson.”

Hear the new track ‘The Priestess’, below…

Twain made his label debut with Rare Feeling in 2017. Following this release, Twain played Newport Folk Festival and toured alongside artists including Buck Meek, Langhorne Slim, and Courtney Marie Andrews. Davidson is a former member of The Low Anthem and Spirit Family Reunion and a contributor to Big Thief, whose latest album Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You features Davidson’s distinct contributions on six songs.

On the album title, Davidson explains, “Noon is where I am, more-or-less, in my natural life span and in my creative life span. I picture noon being at the very bottom of a bowl, the resting point of a pendulum. Not the apex of an arc, or the crest of a hill.”

This album is a prayer from noon for the rest of the day. The song “The Priestess” is about an agent who helps with that. The fact that the music I’ve made has put literal gas in the literal tank is a fact that I never take for granted. It feels like magic to me, the closest thing I’ve figured out to practicing magic.”