New Release & Tour: Mostar Diving Club – Lovely Bones

The Mostar Diving Club is the work of writer, composer and lead singer Damian Katkhuda

His latest single, Lovely Bones, is taken from his fourth album Here Comes Joy – produced by Pete Hobbs of The Boy Least Likely To. Jangly guitars, cellos, choirs and mellotrons combine to create an intimate musical landscape over which Katkhuda reveals the wisdom of fatherhood

Take a listen to Lovely Bones, below…

Damian Katkhuda first came to prominence fronting cult indie-folk band Obi in the early 2000’s. Signed to BMG since 2001 and producing to date nine studio albums under different guises, he has remained resolutely under the radar, choosing to go about his craft in his own unique way and style. The Mostar Diving Club is his latest project with four albums released under its banner; Don Your Suit of Lights (2008), Triumph of Hope (2013), Horizontal Hotel (2015) and Here Comes Joy (2018); you’ve probably never heard of him, though you will of heard his songs which have been used widely in film and tv to create unique and beautiful atmospheres on screen

The music ranges from large scale productions to just a simple guitar and voice recorded in the garden. Recorder orchestras, violins with trumpet attachments, bowed saws, accordions, harmoniums, glockenspiels, banjos, auto harps and ukuleles are just a few of the instruments to be heard

The name, The Mostar Diving Club, is taken from a town in Bosnia where Katkhuda’s fathers’ family hail from; as a right of passage into adulthood, young men dive from an old bridge into a shallow river below, a distance of some thirty meters

Katkhuda is set to play a headline set at Bush Hall, London, on March 14th


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