New Release: The Willkommen Collective

This is Foxswap – the brilliant project from Danny Green of Laish fame.
Green has gathered together a great number of artists of the Willkommen Collective, to put together a magnificent cover album to raise money for the AIM/PIAS appeal following the devastation of thousands of records in that huge warehouse fire during the London riots.
Having been given just three weeks to record a track of their chosen fellow Willkommen artist, these selected singers and bands have done an extraordinary job in getting Foxswap ready before this weekend’s Foxtrot Festival in Brighton.
The full tracklisting goes like this….
. Emma Gatrill – Thousand Ships (Dancehalls)
Laish – Moth in the Motor (Rachael Dadd)
Kristin McClement – Dust Disturbed by Eyes and No Eyes (Tristram)
Dancehalls – Yo Mama (Peggy Sue)
Rachael Dadd – A Happy Accident  (Laish)
Eyes and No Eyes – You Can See My Boat
 (Rozi Plain)
Woodpecker Wooliams – Hands in the Sink (Alessi’s Ark)
Atlas Crease – Thousand Ships (Dancehalls)
Animal Magic Tricks – Heads of Dogs  (Birdengine)
Birdengine – The Ruining (Kristin McClement)
Moonshine Moonshine – Kings (Shoreline)
ocdc –Yo Mama (Peggy Sue)
Martha Rose – A Happy Accident  (Laish)
 Rowan Coupland – Karoo  (Kristin McClement)
Rozi Plain – Wave Me Off   (Hamilton Yarns)
Richard Dawson – The Sea The Sea (Peggy Sue)

And you can download/purchase a copy of this fantastic collection from today


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