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The anti-cancer drug Clomiphene is currently available worldwide from Roche in the form of anti-fungal, anti-tumor, antiallergy, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Clomiphene is said to have the ability to neutralise all known cancer-causing substances such as B-cell and noncancerous monoclonal antibodies, but not all proteins and monoclonal antibodies bind Clomiphene.
Anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs also use two drugs, Pro-Natal and Nucleotidazole, which are used to prevent the replication of viral genes in the human immune system. ARV drugs, for instance, prevent the development of the virus responsible for HIV infection, which is one of the two major causes of premature death worldwide. For the treatment of cancer, ARV use offers greater relief to those with severe or progressive tumor. The drugs that are available worldwide are also highly effective against viruses and protozoa such as HIV, T-cells, and cancer cells.
The drugs commonly used to reduce blood clots from heart attacks and strokes have not yet reached full success. The effectiveness of anticholinergic drugs to treat chronic low back pain has been shown, but further research is needed before they become truly effective treatments. The use of these drugs is also discouraged.
The use of certain drugs for cancer, especially for those diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, may result in increased risk for some cancers, including melanoma, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. Because of its anti-cancer effects and effectiveness against cancer cells, these drugs are also strongly considered during treatment.
Clotting factors – Antico Although it is not known whether or not its effect will be fully beneficial upon withdrawal, it is known to help to prevent weight loss. As the body needs more fat, and fewer fat will be available for protein synthesis, Orlistat can prevent excessive increases in body weight, reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and improve overall quality of life. The most important and successful studies to date on the therapeutic efficacy of Orlistat for weight loss have had patients taking it every 3 months for up to 4 years.
Side Effects and Side-Effects/Drug Interactions Side effect is generally a minor issue for patients taking Orlistat. This can occur with a lower dose, for example, an oral dose of 100 mg (in 50 mg tablets). Patients who become allergic to some ingredients or have sensitive skin should talk to their physician about possible reactions due to the ingredients that Orlistat may use. At the same time, patients taking this medication should inform an allergist if they experience any symptoms. These include: hives; itching; severe skin reactions or rash; or, burning skin. It is recommended that the allergist consult with a physician before adding any of the ingredients in Orlistat to an emergency room. One of the most common side effects reported to physicians after using Orlistat is an acute allergic reaction and is characterized by swelling of the chest of the arm that comes with the onset of symptoms, In the immediate event of any of these, patients should be asked to wear a mask. A rash or itching that appears up to a week later is known as a “reprisal.” To prevent recurrence, patients should talk to a physician about the risk of reprisal and their ability to stop it at any time.
In addition, Orlistat has antioxidant properties, which can reduce the severity of various diseases, including cancer.


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