New Release: The Last Dinosaur – All My Faith

All My Faith is the absolutely stunning and truly uplifting new track from The Last Dinosaur – the project of London based soundscape artist Jamie Cameron

Listen to this breathtaking piece of work below…

The new single is taken from Cameron’s latest album The Nothing – coming 8 years after his first – and set to be released this Friday, July 7th via Naim Records

This second LP collects the cathartic nature of his last decade, confronting and coming to terms with the death of his best friend. At the age of 16 Jamie was a passenger in a car crash that saw him, his sister and said best friend hospitalised. While Jamie was seriously injured it was his friend who would never wake up. Jamie buried his feelings at the time, only realising years later what an effect it had had on him. This new album, The Nothing, is a rumination on that death and its effect on his young adult life – melancholic in places, beautiful and touching (“A celebration of how precious life is” says Jamie) in others

We heartily recommend that you give this new piece a listen on its release day this Friday.
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