New Release & Stream: Ian Randall Thornton – Lineage / Who Are We

Norfolk-based songwriter Ian Randall Thornton announced his debut album Lineage this week, along with the album’s new single Who Are We

Take a listen below…

Lineage, due for release on August 25th, examines family and heritage, and the tension between honoring the past and embracing the future, whilst Who Are We delves into the process of valuing what is beautiful in our family and cultural inheritance, while weeding out the aspects that can hold us back from growth and progress, in hopes to bestow an even greater inheritance to future generations

The tracklisting is as follows…

1. Sound of the Soil
2. Who Are We
3. Panning For Gold
4. Dance Upon The Tables
5. Do You Rise
6. Naivety
7. Philadelphia
8. Some Say
9. Bombs Upon the Bay
10. See You Through
11. Family Tree


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