New Release: Stella Sommer – The Eyes of The Singer


Northern Dancer, Stella Sommer’s second solo album in English, and sixth in total, is due for release on October 30th. It is an album of effortless and timeless beauty. And it is also her most enchanted album yet.

She has now unveiled her new single ‘The Eyes of The Singer’, which can be heard below…

About the track, she states: “The Eyes of the Singer” was my favorite song even before I actually wrote it. I had this idea of the song and a little voice memo and I was totally convinced that it was going to be the best song I ever wrote. And although it was the first song idea I had for the album, it turned out the be the last song I actually worked on because I was kind of scared that I might not do the song justice and fail it. I was very pleased with myself that “The Eyes of the Singer” turned out the way it did and it still is my favourite song from the album.”

Stella Sommer grew up in a little village by the North Sea and at times you feel like you can almost hear the vastness and the rolling of the waves in her songs.

Northern Dancer tells 10 enchanted stories of a magical world that could be ours, if we’d only make the effort to look closely enough at our surroundings. It is a world where shadows come in all colours, 7 unearthly sisters are always up to no good, hitches in time are being washed up on the shore and lights on the water are always there to lead you home.


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