New Release: Sofia Wolfson – Billboard

Photo Credit: Chris Almeida

LA-based singer-songwriter Sofia Wolfson has shared her dreamy, contemplative new single ‘Billboard’.

Sofia explores themes of distorted-memories, bad dreams and first relationships on her new single, unafraid to thread the gritty, introspective lyrics through the upbeat guitar melodies, and the everyday-mundane through soothing, dampened strings.

Living in Boston when ‘Billboard’ was written, Sofia explains: “I wrote ‘Billboard’ during a time when I was having a series of really bad and seemingly related dreams. They all were causing me to wake up in a dissociative state and the only way I could try to make sense of them was to write about the experience. ‘Billboard’ became a reflection on a relationship I was half-in half-out of at the time, which I found to be even harder than being fully broken up. I didn’t know what I was doing or how to communicate, so I ended up internalising a lot of the feelings, which led to all the bad dreams. The song also explores themes of memory and the distortion of it. I was living in Boston at the time and I felt really outside of myself, like I couldn’t trust my memory.”

A self-proclaimed ‘emo’ and sad girl, Sofia worked with Phoebe Bridgers collaborator and friend Marshall Vore on her 2019 single ‘Nothing’s Real’, which saw a poignant concoction of upbeat guitars and honest lyrics. Sofia’s latest single ‘Party Favors’ came out earlier this year, performed with Adam Gunther and Jorge Balbi (Sharon Van Etten), and she brought out her EP ‘Adulting’ in 2019. Finding early inspiration in Blake Mills, Sofia’s tastes soon gravitated towards Caroline Polachek, and being an English major, her songwriting is always developing and evolving.

Sofia played at Shacklewell Arms, The Lexington and a Rough Trade in-store in January 2020 and was set to play a string of festivals including End of the Road, which she will surely pick up in 2021.


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