New Release: Siv Jakobsen – Fight or Flight

Today more than ever, it seems like the world is ready for A Temporary Soothing, the forthcoming album from Norwegian songwriter Siv Jakobsen. Unfortunately, due to delays on various aspects of the album release caused by COVID-19 – including an 11th hour escape back to her home country while she was touring in the United States – the album is being moved to the new release date of August 21st.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining here. Siv has now released submersive new single “Fight or Flight” – take a watch below…

On “Fight or Flight,” Siv says “”I had this image of a very old couple lying in bed together – still and stuck to the bed frame, at the end of their life, taking their final breaths together. The song developed into a broader look upon what it is to stay with someone forever, to make that decision and be certain about it. To love someone and to receive love isn’t always easy, and giving yourself to someone so completely can be frightening and all-consuming.”

A Temporary Soothing was recorded with producer Chris Bond (Ben Howard), and was mixed by Zach Hanson (Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth, Waxahatchee). The record is a beautifully intimate exploration of feelings of fear, anxiety, change and the struggle between being healthy and being a productive artist that represents a huge step forward for the burgeoning singer-songwriter. Siv’s exploration of these themes is never more relevant than in a time where just existing represents a constant battle with feelings of anxiety and fear. With her music she makes you feel seen, feel understood and temporarily soothed.

With her latest work, it was only after a year of writing and recording that she realized the undercurrents and the themes to her music. “It’s a way for me to look back and see what I have been going through, both the good and the bad. What I hope for is that people can take it and understand what they have been going through personally, too.”


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